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Walgreen’s Trip 3/15

I ran to Walgreen’s this morning in hopes of a quick trip to grab some free items. It didn’t quite go as planned 🙁 Even though the sale started Sunday, most of their sale items were out of stock.  I was still able to get a few good deals, including two cheap birthday gifts for my daughter’s birthday next month.

Transaction #1

Clearasil face wipes $3.49

6 Renuzit air fresheners $9

  • $1/1 Clearasil manufacturer
  • B3G3F Renuzit ($4.15) *this store took off the price before the Walgreens coupon
  • $4.26 wags in store for renuzit

$3.42 out of pocket w/ tax

Took away a $3RR

Transaction #2 (drove to another store since the first one had nothing else that I wanted)

2 Irish Springs Deodorants $6

2 Right Guard Deodorants $4.49 each B1g1F

6 Renuzit Air Freshener $9

Mini Wall Calendar as a filler $.50

  • 2 $1/1 Irish Springs
  • 1 B1G1F for Right Guard $4.49
  • Wags B1g1F right guard $4.49
  • $2.37 Renuzit B3G3F
  • $4.26 Wags Renuzit coupon
  • $2 RR from Trans #1

$5.97 oop, more than I expected since this cashier took off the Renuzit price after the wags coupon.

Took away $4 RR

Transaction #3

Dial Nutriskin $4.99

Diary Gift Set $1.59

Coloring Gift Set $1.29

Headband $1.29

  • $1/1 Dial Nutriskin
  • $4 RR from transaction #2

$4.80 oop

Took away $3 rr


Total for today:

$46 Merchandise total

$14.10 oop

$3 rr to spend next time.

Not bad, but not as good as it could have been.


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  1. Denise

    I think I’m starting to learn too much about you guys. lol

  2. Tampa Coupon Mama


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