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A Trip of Many Firsts

First time I had a hard time spending $30.
First time I had a negative balance.
First time I made a cashier cry.

Wow, wow, wow! I’m still shocked at what happen during my trip to Publix. I really only want the Weight Watchers Ice Creams from this week’s sale.  I had a hard time making a list and filling my cart. I went in figuring I would see a few things to make my cart total $30 so I could use a $5/$30 coupon. I circled around the store several times. It was hard to find something that I needed or could use to up my total. I finally had a cart over $30 and went to checkout.

Now when I go to checkout I am very picky about the line I get into depending on who is the cashier. Today there were two registers open, neither cashier was ideal, so I got in the shorter line. I had about 15 mins to checkout before I needed to be on my way to pick up my kids.

The customer in front of me was frazzled from shopping w/ coupons and a small child. I smiled at her, it’s amazing how far a smile goes! I can relate to her situation. I have been there many times. On top of that the cashier was giving her a hard time about her coupons. She had all the right coupons, however the cashier was not well informed on coupon usage. The cashier was very rude to her. I felt bad for the customer, she did nothing wrong and left feeling as though she did.

So as the cashier started scanning my items I handed over one set of coupons for the items that she scanned. In my mind I was going to make this process go smoother and get me on my way faster. WRONG! She got snippy with me right off the bat asking if I was going to hand her one coupon at a time like the previous customer and sighed. I informed her that I would give her the coupons as she scanned to make it easier since she gave the previous customer such a hard time. Now she felt the need to explain to me what happen and not scan my items. Apparently she forgot I was standing right there and I saw what happen, or that I was there to checkout my purchases. Me calling it how I saw it upset her. She was crying and shaking saying how nice she was. I did not say this to be mean, I was trying to make things go smoother. ugh.

So we get to the end and she is asking me if she scanned everything and did I want to double check! No, I don’t. My total was around $15 so I handed her 3 $5 Register Rewards. She refused them even after I explained I verified two days prior that they take those. She did not offer to check, she just refused. At this point I need to leave and pick up my kids, so I asked the bagger if he could ask the front end manager to come by. The cashier is now shaking uncontrollable. They accepted my register rewards and the manager completed my transaction. I explained what happen so hopefully she can be re-trained on coupons or moved to an area of the store that better suites her. Hopefully she was just having a bad day and that was not her normal behavior towards customers. I’m still shocked.

Looking over my receipt it’s a mess. I have vendor coupons that were entered manually as competitor coupons, an extra coupon, and she didn’t ring up my bag of lettuce.

Total oop $.86
Total saved $70.82

10 Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars
2 Pedigree 4.4lbs dog food
2 Oreo Cookies
2 Thomas English Muffins
Reese’s Big Cup

I only added the Reese’s because my total was -$.69 at this point and I forgot that they now give overage back. Oh well.


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