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Websites I Love

I love finding new websites that make my life easier! Here are a few of my favorite websites.

Grocery Planner – This awesome website lets you type out your grocery list and it searches stores in your area for the best deal! A great tool to use if you store hop for the best savings.

Todist– An online to-do list that allows you to check off the items. I use the plug-in for my chrome browser. The plug-in puts the to-do list right on your menu bar as a drop down. It makes it easy to see what you have left to do and cross things off as you complete the task. This helps me stay focused and get my to-do list crossed out!

Focus Booster– If you are easily distracted while working online, then this app will keep you on task. Focus Booster is a timer that is set for 25 mins with a 5 min break. I use my 5 min breaks to surf for new deals, catch up on email, switch over laundry, or anything really. This helps me to keep focused. The internet is a huge distraction, and even worse when you work at home on the internet 😉 They have a web version and a desktop version, all FREE 🙂

Gmail– Love love love love, gmail! I started using gmail for a client about a year ago. I hate change, and was pretty set with outlook, but gmail has grown on me. So much so that when I got a new laptop in March I did not install Outlook. I have all of my email addressess (all 1,569,459 of them) forwarded to my gmail box. I can reply to each email from the email address it came in from, all from my gmail account. I love that I can easily search for items. Outlook’s search option would always freeze and crash outlook. It took me a long time to switch over, but now I could never go back!

Hootsuite– I use Hootsuite to manage all of my twitter accounts. I love that I can schedule tweets. As well as see all of my feed, mentions, inbox all on one screen.

Do you have any favorite websites that make your life easier? Share them in the comments!


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