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Tips for Organizing Your Playroom #WallTracks

Have toys taken over your house? Are you out of room to store all of your kids toys? My daughter’s room constantly looks like a tornado hit. I’ve found the only way to help her to keep her room clean is to organize her toys, and eliminate the clutter. Here are some tips to get the toys organized and de-cluttered.

1. Eliminate toys that your child doesn’t play with often. If you or they are not ready to completely get rid of them, store them in a plastic tub in the garage. Rotate the tub every few months. The kids will love “new” toys every few months.

2. Organize toys into color coded bins. When every toy has spot it belongs in, it will make it easier for your child to put the toys away when they are done with them. Keeping like toys together makes clean up easier.

3. Purge toys that your child has outgrown and donate them to a charity. Another idea is to include them in your next yard sale and allow your child to sell their items.

4. When your child receives a new toy as a gift, donate one toy. Each time a new toy comes into your house, another should leave. That will help to eliminate the toys taking over.

5. Get your children into the habit of cleaning up every day. Spend a few minutes at the end of the day to do a quick clean up of all toys. Doing a daily clean up will help to stay on top of what can quickly turn into a huge mess.

6. Request books or art supplies for birthdays and Christmas gifts. We have a large family and if each member got even just one toy, my children would have a whole toy store just from the gifts they receive from one occasion. I learned early on that we need to try to eliminate the addition of the over abundance of toys they received as gifts. We are incredibly grateful for the gifts that they do receive, but to many toys in the house is not good for anyone 🙂 Another idea is to request a toy or book donated instead.

7. Create a box for their special toys that don’t really have a place. My daughter has a box next to her bed that she keeps all of her special toys.

8.  Label or put a picture on your storage bins to help your child clean up on their own.

9. Create a craft closet to store all of the arts and craft supplies so they are within easy reach.

10. Make clean up time fun. Add music to clean up time to help the task go quicker and have fun while doing it.

Use some of these tips to help get the cluttered toys under control and keep the toys organized.






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