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Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-free

School has started and winter is just right around the corner. What are you doing to keep your family healthy through the cold and flu season? It’s always hard to keep the germs at bay when you the kids are at school all day. Here are some tips for keeping your family cold and flu-free this cold and flu season.

1. Wash your hands frequently. I make sure that everyone washes their hands constantly throughout the day. There is no better way to keep the germs away than to wash them down the drain. When you can not access soap and water, hand sanitizer is a must.

2. Cover your mouth and nose. Teach your kids to cover their mouth when they cough so that they are not spreading any germs around. Just as important is to cover their nose when they sneeze if a tissue is not close by. To help elimiate more germs being spread teach them to use their arm instead of their hands.

3. Disinfect your house using Lysol Spray and Wipes. You can  usually get these pretty cheap with coupons around back to school time. I know I am fully stocked up. Wipe down door knobs frequently with a cleaning cloth, along with other frequently touched spots in your house.

4. Get a Flu Shot. If you feel a flu shot will help to keep the flu away this season, check in with your family doctor to see if it’s right for you and your family.

5. Keep your child home when they are sick. It’s very important to keep your child home when they are sick. When they go to school while sick they are bringing those germs to spread around the school. I keep my kids home from school when they are sick, and they skip any after school activities. When they are sick, no parties or play dates. Keep down the contact they have with other children to avoid spreading those germs.

Getting the cold or flu is usually inevitable. Use some or all of these tips to lower your chance of you or your family getting sick this winter season when the cold and flu is in full swing.  Do you have a tip I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below to share your tips for keeping away the cold and flu. What do you do to help lower the chance your family gets the cold or flu?

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