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Target: My New Obsession!

My friend Denise over at Misplaced Jersey Girl has mentioned deals at Target here and there. I would only go to Target occasionally and would snub my nose at the deals she found. I always thought that Target couldn’t possibly have a good deal compared to Publix or Walmart. Boy was I wrong. I’ve never looked into them until recently, and Target is now my new obsession! I can’t even say it’s for deals I can get with coupons, I have a love affair with their clearance! Although, I have also found great deals with coupons, too!

What kind of things have I found on clearance, you ask? Cameras, large screen TV’s, calendars, comforters, roasting pans, clothes, shoes and so much more. More than I can possibly list.

I make it a weekly habit of stopping by my local Target to browse the clearance sections. You can usually find an end cap in every department full of clearance items. Target marks down each item starting at either 15% or 30%. If you are patient, that item will eventually get marked down to 50% and then possibly 70%. That is if the item lasts on the shelf that long. I try to only buy things that are marked down to 70%.

Each department gets marked down on a specific day, every week. Generally each item will be marked down again after about two weeks. Keep in mind that not every Target follows the same mark down schedule, so check your local store to find out when items are marked down.

Target has tons of printable coupons on their website. Some of those coupons are manufacturer coupons, while others are Target web coupons. You can combine one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. You can occasionally find a clearance item that can be matched with a Target printable, for an amazing deal. I got two shirts last week for $0.60 each 🙂

Another nice perk with Target is their Target debit card. This card is linked to your checking account, not a credit card. When you use it you automatically save 5% off your total purchase. They also have a Target store credit card that has the same 5% discount as a benefit.

Next time you are shopping in Target make sure to browse the clearance sections and see what deals you can find.


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  1. denise

    There is a good deal on m&ms there now. If you use the $1.50 off 2 coupon and then get the valnetines’ M&Ms – they have a B2G1 Free coupon. The M&MS were on sale 2/ $5.?? this week so I got 3 bags for $4.

    Maternity clothes are a bargain there – they always have those on clearance. I got most of mine for $2-6 while I was pregnant.

  2. Jennifer

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    I work for Miles Of Marketing and this information was provided to me by them (www.milesofmarketing.com). We are a group of moms passing along great information like this to other moms! Hope some of your readers can take advantage of this great discount!

    1. Tampa Coupon Mama

      Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry I missed this before the event. I would have loved to attend.

      Thanks for the info!

  1. Tampa Coupon Mama

    Target: My New Obsession! http://t.co/wcdvZUz9

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