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  1. Kerri Isern

    I would like to find out how to obtain the coupon for poweraide. Also do you know why Florida doesn’t double? Can we start a rally to email overload both Publix and Winn Dixie complaining and maybe pressuring them to start doing it?

    1. Tampa Coupon Mama

      The powerade coupon is on Facebook. It’s actually for powerade zero. Like them on Facebook and you have the option to print the coupon twice.

      As for doubling, I have no idea why they don’t double here. I know that I hear a lot that you can’t get the good savings when stores don’t double. However I don’t agree. If you look at my shopping trips you can see I do pretty good for myself without doubles 😉 Some of the states that do double also get lower value coupons. I love Publix, and feel that their coupon policy is very generous. Let me know if I can help you see where you can save more with the coupons you have available. I’m happy to help! Feel free to email me anytime!

      1. Kerri

        Thank you. I started couponing this year and have done very well so far without any guidance. This is the first website I have joined regarding couponing. The only stores I do well at is Publix, Winn Dixie, Walgreens and sometimes CVS. I agree with you on the Publix coupon policy. I love that my local Publix stores honor Winn Dixie’s coupons. I have followed the way you have mapped out your trips. I still have to find a way were I can keep it organized with a spread sheet. Do you have a spread sheet to keep track of coupons on hand? I can create one but if I had a “go by” it would be very helpful. I have started a coupon club at work and we have “weekly deals” where I find either freebies or close to free products that everyone joins in and picks up.

        1. Tampa Coupon Mama

          Glad to help! I do have a spreadsheet that I use to calculate my shopping trips. You can find that post here. I like to have my shopping trips planned out, this helps to keep you on track.
          Sounds like you are doing a good job saving! So glad I could help. Your coupon club sounds like fun.

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