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Grocery Spreadsheet

Download my grocerylist and stay organized as you shop.

A few features of this spreadsheet.

  • Top row is open to calculate your $/$$ order coupons
  • Several rows calculate b1g1f items
  • Remaing rows calculate regular/sale price items
  • Multiple columns for different value coupons
  • Calculates total coupons
  • Calculates total order before and after b1g1f, which helps figure out how many dollar value coupons you can use (ex. $5/$50 use 2 for a $100 total after b1g1g, but the total before coupons) This is the bottom subtotal under price column.
  • Calculates total oop after coupons/before tax
  • Helps you compare your list w/ your receipt to check for errors

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